by Magnolia Robbins

Eight years ago, Lou Pearson lost the most important thing she’d ever known, when her world began to spin out of control because of anxiety. The love of her life, Alice Gray. Since then, she lived every day making amends for her past. Devoting her life to the service of training dogs for children with special needs, Lou gave herself to her work, giving back to others.

On a police run, Lou finds a stray white German Shepherd, Caspian, in an abandoned cabin outside of Portland, Oregon. As terrified and lonely as Lou, they found solace in one another.

When Lou trains Caspian as a service animal for a girl named Anna, she never imagined that her mother would be the one woman that had held her heart so many years ago. Alice shows up unexpectedly, and Lou’s world shifts as they become the center of each others' lives once again.

The closer Alice and Lou grow to one another, the more she fears losing control again like she did all those years ago; of losing the love of her life all over again. But the long lost feelings of a woman she’d never gotten over are stronger than she’d ever imagined they’d be.

And in the end all Lou wants, is for Alice to stay.

Hi. I'm Maggie.

I write bold, original lesbian fiction with unforgettable stories about unforgettable women, including bestsellers "Forbidden Melody" and "Wildsky."

My books are for you if you're a fan of contemporary romance, with flawed characters with realistic pasts, and a little bit of nerdy throwbacks from time-to-time.

When I’m not writing, you can find me on the Florida beaches reading romance or science fiction and fantasy novels, playing video games and board games, and enjoying too much coffee and breakfast food.

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